THE GAZETTE OF INDIA :  EXTRORDINARY                         [PART II - SEC. 3(i)]


(Department of Economic Affairs)


New Delhi, the 1st Auguest 2007

  G.S.R.521(E)- In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 15 of the Government Savings Banks Act, 1873 (5 of 1873), the Central Government hereby make the following rules further to  amend the Post Office (Monthly Income Account) Rules, 1987, namely -

1.    (1)   These rules may be called the Post Office (Monthly Income Accounts)(Amendment)Rules,2007.

       (2)   They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

2.     In the Post Office (Monthly Income Account)Rules,1987,

      (i)      in rule 4, for the words "three lakh" and "six lakh", and "six lakh", the words "four lakh fifty
               thousand" and " nine lakh " respectively shall be substituted:

     (ii)      in rule 5 in sub-rule (1), for the words "one thousand", "three lakh" and "six lakh", the words "one
               thousand five hundred", "four lakh fifty thousand" and "nine lakh" respectively shall be substituted.



M.A.KHAN,Under Secy.

  Note :

The principal rules were published vide G.S.R. 701 (E), dated the 10th August, 1987 and subsequently amended vide G.S.R. 805(E),dated 21st July,1988,G.S.R.46(E), dated the 20th January, 1989,G.S.R.581(E) dated the 12th September 1191.G.S.R.430(E),dated the24th April, 1992, G.S.R.390(E),dated the 29th April,1993, G.S.R.585(E),dated the 2nd September, 1993, G.S.R.5(E),dated the 1st January, 1999,G.S.R,45(E), dated the 15th January, 2000.G.S.R. 80(E), dated the 1st February,2000, G.S.R.613(E), dated the 18th July, 2000,G.S.R. 153(E),dated the 1st March, 2001. G.S.R. 161(E), dated the 1st March,2002, G.S.R.350(E),dated the 10th May,2002.G.S.R. 176(E), dated the 1st March 2003, G.S.R. 758(E), dated the 23rd September,2003,G.S.R. 288(E), dated the 13th May, 2005 and  G.S.R(E),dated the 10 February ,2006